Unbelievable Un-Photoshopped Images of Animals With People

katerina-plotnikova-photography bear

Like a scene straight out of a fantasy movie, Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova has captured images of exotic, large animals in harmony with human beings.

Believe it or not, these photos were created not with the magic of Photoshop, but with the help of some daring models and professional animal trainers. Plotnikova even gives us a peek behind the scenes with some photos showing the trainers in them (see the one with the trainer feeding a strawberry to the bear).

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Stan Evans Challenges Stereotypes With Photo Project Featuring Female Motorcyclist


Stan Evans, a professional photographer and avid motorcyclist, noticed a pattern with motorcycle videos and photos: Almost all of them feature male riders. So he decided to do something different.

“I grew up in a household around a lot of strong women…my mother, my sister,” Evans said in his behind-the-scenes video. “I was really interested in the idea of having a female rider.”
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5 Quick Lightroom Tricks To Improve Your Photos


Back in the day Photoshop was great for toning photos. It’s a robust and brilliant piece of software. But I’d like to personally thank Adobe for following up with Lightroom. It’s much easier to use and has streamlined the toning process in important ways. Here are five quick tips in Lightroom 5 that will help you produce well-adjusted photos every time.

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Amazing “Colorized” Photos of Lincoln, Einstein, Thoreau and More

einstein featured

Most of us know what Albert Einstein looks like, but have never seen his photo in full color – until now.

Thanks to photographer Dana Keller, now we can see “colorized” photos of some of history’s greats.

On his site, Keller writes, “There is an element of detachment that we have from historic black and white images…Color can force us to instantly see an old photograph with a new perspective, and make it seem as if the past it portrays wasn’t that long ago after all.”

Check out these amazing photos of well-known legends as we’ve never seen them before:

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Where Have All the Digital Cameras Gone?


A 40% decline in the export of digital cameras has many wondering what this means for the future of photography

According to statistics released by CIPA, digital camera exports from Japan, a major hub of manufacturing for Nikon and Canon, have decreased by a whopping 40% since 2013; the export of interchangeable lenses has dropped by 20%.

This is coming from an industry that in the past few years has been rapidly growing and in 2012 was predicted by the International Data Corporation, IDC, to more than double its mirrorless camera shipments by 2014; obviously, reality has fallen short of that prediction.

So what’s going on?
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