This Tiny, Misunderstood Dot Improves Your Camera

Custom SLR ProDot closeup

“Gellin’ Like Magellan: ProDot is Like a Dr. Scholl’s Insert for Your Shutter Finger.”

-Michael Zhang, PetaPixel

Though some were skeptical before they tried Custom SLR’s ProDot Shutter Button Upgrade, launched on Kickstarter in 2012, the little red dot has gone on to silence critics and become one of the company’s best-selling products. It was even selected by Men’s Journal as one of the “Best Camera Add-Ons of 2013.”

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5 Reasons Why Being a Photographer Is the Best Job on the Planet

If you can make it work, earning a living being the viewfinder is awesome. Here’s why:

1. You’ll find yourself in places you never expected because a camera grants you access.
For example, I flew over New Orleans in a Chinook helicopter with the back down taking pictures right after Katrina. I’ve photographed people climbing in Chamonix, France, and I’ve been on the field during NFL games.

2. The feeling you get when you make a great picture is unlike anything else.
That’s usually because you’ve been working really hard and then the picture you’ve been chasing finally happens. It’s sort of like summiting a peak: You work and scramble for hours then finally reap the rewards.

3. You get to share your experiences with thousands, if not millions of people.
If you’ve ever been published in a newspaper or magazine you’ll know why this is important. It’s great to have other people react to the moments you’ve captured.

4. You can be self-employed.
Freelancing is not easy, but the flexibility is worth it. No 9-5, and no annoying bosses.

5. You get to play with gear all day long.
Half the job is making pictures, but the other half is deciding what cameras, lenses, lights, software, etc. you’re going to use to make the picture.

What’s your favorite part of being a photographer? Share in the comments below!

Unbelievable Un-Photoshopped Images of Animals With People

katerina-plotnikova-photography bear

Like a scene straight out of a fantasy movie, Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova has captured images of exotic, large animals in harmony with human beings.

Believe it or not, these photos were created not with the magic of Photoshop, but with the help of some daring models and professional animal trainers. Plotnikova even gives us a peek behind the scenes with some photos showing the trainers in them (see the one with the trainer feeding a strawberry to the bear).

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Stan Evans Challenges Stereotypes With Photo Project Featuring Female Motorcyclist


Stan Evans, a professional photographer and avid motorcyclist, noticed a pattern with motorcycle videos and photos: Almost all of them feature male riders. So he decided to do something different.

“I grew up in a household around a lot of strong women…my mother, my sister,” Evans said in his behind-the-scenes video. “I was really interested in the idea of having a female rider.”
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5 Quick Lightroom Tricks To Improve Your Photos


Back in the day Photoshop was great for toning photos. It’s a robust and brilliant piece of software. But I’d like to personally thank Adobe for following up with Lightroom. It’s much easier to use and has streamlined the toning process in important ways. Here are five quick tips in Lightroom 5 that will help you produce well-adjusted photos every time.

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