Where Have All the Digital Cameras Gone?


A 40% decline in the export of digital cameras has many wondering what this means for the future of photography

According to statistics released by CIPA, digital camera exports from Japan, a major hub of manufacturing for Nikon and Canon, have decreased by a whopping 40% since 2013; the export of interchangeable lenses has dropped by 20%.

This is coming from an industry that in the past few years has been rapidly growing and in 2012 was predicted by the International Data Corporation, IDC, to more than double its mirrorless camera shipments by 2014; obviously, reality has fallen short of that prediction.

So what’s going on?
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What It’s Like to Be the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds Official Photographer

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 11.43.27 PM

The Thunderbirds are the elite air demonstration squadron for the United States Air Force, and Staff Sgt.Larry Reid Jr., is the photojournalist who gets to capture them in action.

As the Official Photographer for the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, Reid has the challenging task of getting great shots while pulling up to 8 Gs (which makes the already heavy gear feel even heavier) in a F16 fighter jet flying 500 miles per hour. Often, he gets only one chance to capture the image he’s been assigned.

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5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Photography

Photographer on the ground

There’s no magic pill that will make you a professional photographer. But there are a couple techniques and tricks that will always makes your photos better. Here are five:

1. Concentrate on the moment:  A moment is a smile, laugh, frown or some sort of expression that a person shows. Or a moment can also be that split second when the sun pokes through the clouds and shines directly on the mountains in front of you. Moments will always make your pictures better because they capture the essence of a person or a place.

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Haunting Images of Decaying, Abandoned Cars in Belgium’s “Car Graveyard”

Abandoned Auto Graveyard

What can easily be written off as nothing but a bunch of old cars rotting in a forest is actually a hauntingly beautiful display of urban exploration photography. This car graveyard, once located in Chatillon, Belgium, is shrouded in mystery. Urban legend has it that WWII soldiers abandoned these cars shortly after the war in the hopes of shipping them later. When the soldiers were unable to send them to the U.S., they left the cars behind.

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A Behind the Scenes Look at Shooting Formula DRIFT Motorsport Series

For the past seven years I’ve had the opportunity to be the PR manager for the Formula DRIFT Pro Championship Motorsport Series. In this post, I wanted to go behind the scenes and share the media application process from my perspective and dive into what it’s like to shoot a Formula D event. A majority of these images were captured a couple weeks back at Wall Speedway in New Jersey specifically for this blog post as I jumped between duties.

1-courtesy of Larry Chen

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15 Must-Have Summer Camera Gadgets for Under 30 Bucks

Happy first week of summer! Before you hit the beach or build that campfire, make sure you have the best summer photography experience with this list of top camera gadgets and other accessories we’ve curated just for you.

1. Waterproof camera bag – $29.99

Just one splash is all it takes to ruin your   camera. Make sure water doesn’t touch your equipment with this waterproof camera bag.

We’re big fans of good design and efficiency, that’s why we love this camera monopod that doubles as a hiking stick. Go from photo pro to hiking aficionado in seconds.

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Does Your Camera Size Really Matter?


If you’ve never considered a mirrorless camera, I’m going to give you two experiences that completely caught me off guard with shocking stereotypes. Some may surprise you and some may not.

I recently hosted a photographer Q&A session at a coffee shop near my home. During the small and intimate event, a group of photographers had the chance to ask a professional wedding photography team a variety of questions.

During the event there were tons of fantastic questions asked and one of them was regarding the trend of mirrorless and compact DSLR cameras.

These cameras are compact but can still accept a variety of lenses. There are advantages like transportability, less weight during long events, jobs and photowalks. I’m not going to go into detail about the advantages and disadvantages of smaller cameras because it has been talked about to death everywhere.

What I do want to talk about is how the conversation changed paths during the Q&A session. It went from talking about if switching is worth it to how customers might react to a mirrorless camera.
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20 World Cup Photos to Get You Pumped For Team USA’s Match

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is here! And with it comes all the blood-pumping thrills of victories, defeat, patriotism and rivalry. Team USA goes up against Ghana today at 6 p.m. Eastern time. Here are some stunning shots from the World Cup matches last week to get you pumped up for the big game…

The Maracanã stadium all lit up for the match between Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina. This is the largest of the 12 stadiums for the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Robin van Persie soars through the air for a killer header that scored the team’s first goal.

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